Microneedling services offered in East Midwood, Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY


Microneedling alone can result in smoother skin, but with ProCell™, you get a better return on your investment. At Luxe Beauty Bar in Brooklyn and the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, Dr. Rhondelle Adams, RN, and the team add ProCell stem cells to your microneedling treatment for a more significant skin transformation. Call Luxe Beauty Bar or book an appointment online today to find out if you’re a good candidate for ProCell microneedling.  

What is ProCell™ microneedling?

ProCell™ microneedling or microchanelling is a treatment for your skin that promotes enhanced natural healing. The treatment combines conventional microneedling and biotechnologies like stem cell therapy to reduce signs of aging on your skin, such as wrinkles and lines. 

Microneedling works by creating small, uniform injuries in your skin that your tissues must then heal on their own. This results in increased healing and an overall smoother and brighter complexion.  

Adding stem cells to your treatment can produce even more striking results. These stem cells are derived from bone marrow and can ensure a smooth, scar-free skin texture after your skin heals from the treatment. 

The Luxe Beauty Bar team may also offer you serums to add to your microneedling treatment since the channels in your skin allow them to penetrate deeply for maximum benefits. They select products that align with your skin’s needs and your personal goals. 

PRP is also often used in conjunction with microneedling to help maximize results. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is naturally occuring in the body, and when combined with PRP, allows for expedited skin healing and promotion of new collegen. 

What are the results of ProCell microneedling?

ProCell microneedling offers remarkable results that make you appear more youthful because of the way it improves your skin’s tone and texture. You can expect visible skin improvements including:

  • A healthy glow
  • Fewer wrinkles and fine lines
  • Less hyperpigmentation
  • Fewer scars
  • Smaller pores
  • Less visible stretchmarks
  • Less dryness

Overall, your skin tone and texture are more consistent across your face. You can also customize your treatment program to target skin features elsewhere, like your neck, chest, or legs. 

Am I a good candidate for ProCell microneedling? 

The team at Luxe Beauty Bar reviews your medical history to verify that you can safely undergo microneedling treatments. They examine your skin for any signs of irritation or infections that might inhibit the treatment. 

Fortunately, most people are candidates for microneedling treatments. If you’re pregnant or have a skin infection that hasn’t yet resolved, or if you scar easily, the team might suggest holding off on the treatment or considering alternative options. Luxe Beauty Bar offers a variety of facials that are customizable and gentle on your skin.

To start planning your skin treatment with ProCell microneedling, call Luxe Beauty Bar or schedule a ProCell consultation online today.