Advanced Treatments

Skin Tag/ Mole Removal/DPN Removal ( Multiple)
Best option for those with Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra ( DPN) or multiple skin tags.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a popular noninvasive skin treatment for acne, sun damage, wrinkles, wounds, and other skin problems. The treatment uses varying wavelengths of light to trigger the skin’s natural healing processes to repair the skin. Several treatments are necessary to see results.
Mole Removal ( Single )
This treatment is indicated if you only have one single skin tag / mole.
Laser Tattoo Removal- 
Exclusive at Midtown Location
This is for a 30min laser tattoo removal session. Price may vary depending on how large the tattoo is. Multiple sessions required for final results.
Carbon Peel (Hollywood Peel)
Exclusive at Midtown Location

Neck/ Decollete Lift (UL Therapy) 

Exclusive at Midtown Location
Non-Invasive Face Lift (UL Therapy)
Exclusive at Midtown Location
Standard Microneedle Treatment
This is a basic microneedle treatment with our older model microneedle machine. Serums will be applied during treatment. No take home kit given with standard microneedle treatment

C.I.T. ( Vampire Facial)

Hair Restoration Treatment (C.I.T.)